User researcher Selena Kim and senior product designer Özlem Mis share their insights on combining qualitative and quantitative research methods to fuel more delightful customer experiences.

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Co-authors, Selena Kim and Özlem Mis

Zalon is a styling service offered by Zalando that connects customers looking for personalised fashion advice with professional stylists. The moment of truth arrives when customers receive a box of items curated by our experts, along with advice on why or how they should wear the suggested outfits.

We know that some of our customers have seen a clear improvement in their style and wardrobe over time thanks to their stylists. In the words of one of our customers: “The most interesting thing for me was to get an independent opinion on what could suit me. …

(by Ozlem Mis 🙋 & Murat Dincer 🙋‍♂️) Work Always in Progress — Last revised: 02 Jun 2020

New in designing digital products and it seems like there’s just so many tools and shortcuts that your fellow designers already seem to know? Having a framework of what you need to learn will help you progress fast and smooth. You can just skim through and see if anything strikes you around things you wanted to learn more about. Hopefully you’ll find a good reference here and there. Pro designers, stay away!

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Above — Copyright © Yasmeen Ismail

Most Common Tools/Keywords Overview

  • Strategy Level: Business Model Canvas, Stakeholder Map, Empathy Map, Tomorrow’s…


Ozlem Mis

Senior Product Designer @ Zalando, Design Strategy & XR Design, Berlin

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